1. By registration and participation the participant accepts the regulations of the course.
2. The participant can only participate after registration and payment of the registration fee.
3. The online-inscription is only valid if the organisation receives the payment at latest on 19th September 2018.
4. Participation to the race must happen by the participant himself.  It is not allowed to let participate another runner.
5. If the participant, whatever the reason, is unable to participate, the registration fee is not refunded.
6. Based on exceptional circumstances, the organisation is allowed to cancel the race.  In that case the registration fee is refunded.  The concellation of the event however does not involve any responsibility for the organisation to refund other costs made by the participant.
7. Participation happens on ones own expenses.  The organisation is not responsible for any damage a participant might suffer following his participation except if the damage is the direct consequence of a fault of the organiser.
8. The participant is aware that participation requires a good physical and psychic health and affirms by his registration to meet this requirement.
9. The participant secures the organisation for the damage third parties might suffer as a consequence of an action of the participant.
10. The organisation ascertains the ranking and has the right to adapt the result after notice of anomalies (f.e. missing of carpet passings).  The participants must return a granted premium to the organisation if on base of the adapted ranking he has no right anymore on the premium.
11. No start positions are assigned.
12. Participants that cross the finish more than 3 h after the start are not registered in the ranking.
13. The organisation is entitled to disqualify a participant or to take him out of the race, if he does not adhere the race regulations or shows a non-sportive behaviour.
14. The participants must follow the instructions of the organiser, the police and the signalmen.
15. The traffic code is valid during the whole race, whatever the aim of by whom.
16. The participant may not be escorted during the race, whatever the aim of by whom.
17. Animals and objects as prams, banners etc... are not allowed.

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